Lay By Service

Lay-by is available on all of our products and we have tried to keep the process as simple as possible for you.

  • 1) Select the items that you would like to Lay By. Add them to your shopping bag in the normal way and continue to the checkout page. 
  • 2) Once on the checkout page please select ‘ Bank Transfer’ as your method of payment and enter ‘LAY BY’ in the comments field on the checkout page. Entering ‘Lay By’  in the comments field is very important. If this does not happen our Sales team will not know that this is a Lay By order. Complete you order by clicking on the ‘Review Order’, this will automatically bring up our bank details ( our bank details will also come through to you on your receipt)  and then click on ‘Complete Order’.       
  • 3) Your Lay By order will be sent through to our sales team automatically. On receipt of your Lay By Order we will send you full details of our Lay -By Service. You will also find these details below. 
  • 4) Your first payment must be within 3 working days and be a minimum of *10% of the your total purchase. e.g. If the items you select total $100 your first deposit payment will be $10.  Unfortunately if your first deposit has not been made within 3 working days and you have not made contact with us, we will have to cancel your layby.  We will confirm the amount for your first payment when we send you an email confirmation of your order. Please note that this initial 10% deposit payment is non-refundable. Should you cancel your order or not fulfill your payments within the specified time all monies will be returned to you less this initial 10% deposit.   
  • 5) The length of the Lay By term is 6 weeks from the date of your first deposit. If your item/s are not paid for with the 6 weeks payment period all monies will be refunded to you less your first payment of the initial 10% deposit.   There are no minimum weekly payments; you can pay any amount at any time within the 6-week period.  Please get in touch if you are having problems with making payments as we may be able to help.
  • 6) Each time you make a payment can you please email By doing this we can ensure receipt of your payment and email you confirmation.  We will also add this information to your order which you can view online through our website.

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